Unique, Hand-Drawn Bulls with an AttitudE

Spanning previously unexplored dimensions of cool, The Bullish Rockers Club is an NFT collection of 10,000 unique hand-drawn horned beasts with an attitude. There are over 150 traits leading to trillions of possibilities. By keeping a close eye on rarity, pop culture references and community feedback, we will get the full VIP treatment to several unique vanity skins before launch. Watch this space.

Bridge the Gap Between Music & Image NFTs

The Bullish Rockers Club lives in both the music and image NFT space, with a view to create the first truly integrated NFT artist community on Elrond. We are here to prove the haters wrong and build a new world in the process, a world where community driven value creation meets budding media creators and resolves into new music.

Bullish to the Core

The Metaverse is the pinnacle of human ingenuity and technological awareness. Progress is inevitable, waiting for you where vision meets strategy, firmly planted in the digitally real. Mainstream views place this hallowed multitude in the future, but if you are reading this, you know it is all about the Present. Here. Now. The Bullish Rockers Club live and breathe the future of crypto with confidence and flair, surrounded by a community of like minded people.

Powered by Elrond

Are you tired of ridiculously high blockchain fees that eat into your investments? If you are anything like us, then you will appreciate lightning-fast transactions with negligible costs on the Elrond Network. Enjoy a healthy, growing hero community built around EGLD, supported by amazing NFT projects and ambitious growth plans. Come see for yourself.

shaman bullish rockers club

LKMEX Farming for Dividends

A growing pool of EGLD project earnings will constantly farm LKMEX. Hold one of the Bullish Rockers and get LKMEX dividends every two weeks, for passive income generation opportunities. Additional holder incentives include indirect value gains through our own token, community giveaways and music partnerships. More details to be revealed in Q2.

cyborg bullish rockers club

More power to you

Holders have the opportunity to choose from five different Bullish Rockers Club band members.
bullish rockers club NFT bassist
bullish rockers club NFT drummer
bullish rockers club NFT frontman
bullish rockers club NFT vocalist
bullish rockers club NFT guitarist

Launch Info

Presale 1

  • 400 spots on Whitelist 1 plus 100 waitlist
  • Max 5 NFTs per wallet
  • 0.4 eGLD / 600K LKMEX per mint
  • 550 NFTs available in Presale 1

Presale 2

  • 800 spots on Whitelist 2 (400 from Whitelist 1 and 400 more)
  • Max 3 NFTs per wallet
  • 0.5 eGLD per mint
  • 550 NFTs available in presale 2

Public Mint

  • Low NFT limit per wallet for the first hour
  • 3900 NFTs available for the public launch
  • 300 NFTs reserved for project development
  • 0.6 eGLD per mint


Launch Revenue Distribution 40% Farming
(Up to 80% boost in the first 6 weeks)
  • Holders will get their launch costs back in just over a year
60% covered by:
  • Pre-launch project development
  • Pre-launch LKMEX giveaways, infrastructure & marketing
  • Dev support
  • Additional design
  • Community management
  • Marketing
  • Support for young musicians
  • Music airdrops
  • Founders
Royalty Distribution (10%)
  • 3% Farming
  • 4% Project development
  • 3% Founders


The Bullish Rockers Club team reserves the right to alter launch details.

Join the club

The Bullish Rockers Club is an upcoming music themed NFT collection on the Elrond blockchain, which connects the NFT community to young artists, incentivising distributed funding for musical creatives.

Stage 1

  • The Bullish Rockers Club joins the fight against the Crypto Bears
  • Brand launch events on Twitter, the Website and Discord
  • Community building and whitelisting
  • Meet our pro team, the brains and brawn behind Bullish Rockers Club
  • NFT reveals and “making of” videos, everything you need to know about the art
  • Weekly giveaways: NFTs airdropped after the first presale, access to the whitelist, EGLD and LKMEX
  • Bullish Rockers traits, rarity and
  • Forge long-term partnerships with artists, Elrond projects and community members

Q1 2022

Stage 2

  • The first presale goes live with 550 NFTs available to the whitelist Additional community giveaways: NFTs airdropped after the second presale, access to the whitelist, EGLD and LKMEX
  • Weekly discord giveaways for holders: NFTs, MERCH ITEMS and LKMEX
  • LKMEX farming begins, airdrops to holders every two weeks
  • The second presale goes live with 550 NFTs available to the whitelist
  • Integrate community feedback into the first roadmap review
  • Launch the Bullish Rockers Club merch shop
  • The public sale begins for the remaining 3900 Bullish Rockers Club NFTs
  • Release full rarity tables
  • Launch the Club
  • Membership Pass
  • Sponsor community artists: better instruments or a professional recording session
  • Introducing the Bullish Rockers Club token and tokenomics. First token airdrop for holders

Q2 2022

Stage 3

  • Galvanise the NFT creator & collector community in our very own DAO
  • Prepare the world for your greatness: NFT rerolls
  • Integrate community feedback into the second roadmap review
  • Is that an NFT I hear? First music NFT drops from contributing artists
  • Let's have a virtual gig. Future Presence on Metaverse and more partnerships
  • Raise floor price & scarcity with variable burn
  • Second image NFT project revealed as part of the DAO

Q3 & Q4 2022

Meet the team

The Bullish Rockers Club is brought to you by three long time friends, who enjoy online gaming, rock music and tech. We never thought that one day we’d have the chance to work together, but blockchain and NFTs allowed us to take our team further. After rated BGs in World Of Warcraft the dream team moved to DOTA2 and now off to win hearts on Elrond. Three different time zones, one overarching goal: to turn the Bullish Rockers Club into a gathering of badasses who can change the world.
Izea avatar Bullish Rockers Club


Ancestral bull archetype:
The drummer
Favourite band:
Crypto mastermind since 2017 and a huge NFT enthusiast. He’s a strong believer in Elrond ‘s vision of the future, a numbers geek and an overall nice guy!

Don't be shy and say hello

Acroxth avatar Bullish Rockers Club


Ancestral bull archetype:
Bass player
Favourite band:
The Black Keys
Our kickass NFT artist, an experienced illustrator and graphic designer with 1500 print on demand designs to his name. You can’t hunt what you can’t see, so Acroxth helps bring amazing ideas to life by giving them shape before our very eyes.
Kampfaren avatar Bullish Rockers Club


Ancestral bull archetype:
The booming voice
Favourite band:
Marketing guru, an experienced digital marketer who spent the last 12 years promoting high profile global brands. He makes sure we have the right strategy and the right tools, tilting the scales in our favour when winning at life.


The Bullish Rockers Club is a music themed collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Elrond blockchain, which connects the NFT community to young artists, incentivising distributed funding for musical creatives.
1. The Bullish Rockers Club is ideologically aligned with crypto trading, rebel rock music and young musicians. Join us in the first truly integrated NFT artist community on Elrond.
2. After launch, a large pool of $EGLD project earnings will farm LKMEX, redistributed back to holders on a weekly basis. Public launch holders can expect to cover the initial NFT purchase costs via LXMEX dividends, after just one year.
3. Additional holder incentives include indirect value gains through music partnerships, VIP membership, merchandise, community support and the release of the Bullish Rockers Club token.
The Bullish Rockers Club is brought to you by three long-time friends, who enjoy online gaming, rock music and tech. Their ranks include a NFT enthusiast and crypto mastermind with 5 years’ experience, a graphic designer and illustrator with 5 years’ experience, plus a business and marketing guru with 10 years of agency experience. As the project reaches new milestones we’ll bring onboard additional experts, as required.
We are three friends who spent a lot of time together over the past 10 years, so you could say that the Bullish Rockers Club has a lengthy history already. Long standing members of the Elrond community support the project. To demonstrate our goodwill, we provide generous presale discounts. The farming plan is solid and on par with the most profitable out there. Our love for music defines who we are and we have a mission to change the way recording artists finance their music. We keep each other honest and invite the community to keep us accountable by asking all the right questions. We are resilient, we adapt, and we overcome, so buckle up and get ready for a wild ride because the Bullish Rockers Club is here for the long run.
A total of 10,000 Bullish Rockers Club NFTs will be minted. The team intends to release 1000 for presale 1, 1000 for presale 2, 7700 for the public sale and reserve 300 for promotional purposes (anything from marketing to community and VIP giveaways).
The expected Bullish Rockers Club NFT price will be between 0.4 and 0.5 $EGLD during the two presale events, with 0.6 $EGLD during the public launch. Prices may vary slightly depending on $EGLD performance.
Congrats to all giveaway winners. You will receive your Bullish Rockers Club NFTs on the day of the public launch.
Presale 1 is scheduled for late March 2022, followed by presale 2, approximately one week later.

Enter our many Twitter and Discord giveaways for a chance to get a whitelist spot. There will be plenty of opportunities to get on the whitelist, so be persistent and your patience may be rewarded.

400 lucky winners will make it to the presale 1 whitelist, with a timed waitlist of an additional 100 spots. NFT purchases are limited to 5 per wallet, on a first come first served basis up to the total of 1000 NFTs. Presale 2 will feature all whitelisted people from the first presale and extra 400 entries, limited to 5 NFTs per wallet, on a first come first served basis up to a total of 1000 NFTs. If your wallet or hero tag is on the whitelist, you can go to our website and buy the number of Bullish Rockers Club NFTs you desire, within presale limits. All presale NFT purchases are minted on the spot and distributed to your wallet automatically at the time of the purchase.
No, buyers cannot choose their NFTs on presale or launch, but will be able to hunt down their favourites once trading begins. Both the presale and launch phases feature randomly generated Bullish Rockers Club image NFTs based on a predefined set of layers, each with its own rarity. The total number of combinations are in the billions, so we have decided to even out the playing field and give everyone an equal chance to get something truly rare. Good luck with the drops!
The big boys come out to play during the public launch in April 2022.
The team put together an ambitious, yet realistic marketing plan, spanning Twitter and Discord activity, multiplatform giveaways, public relations, NFT and music community outreach. It covers pre-release and launch pushes, along with sustained post launch digital activity. Your friends will hear about us and so will the media.